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Valuable Information About Modern Group Ranka -

H S Ranka H S Ranka Original Name is Hari Singh Ranka (Born 3 November 1939) is an Legend Industrialist from Rajasthan State in India. He a The Founder and Chairman of Modern Group of Companies. He lived from Bhilwara town in Rajasthan.

Mr H S Ranka has Established First Company Modern woollens in 1973. Growing fast company Modern Group Ranka establish other ventures step by step. Like

  • Modern Threads
  • Modern Insulators
  • Modern Syntex
  • Modern Suitings
  • Modern Petrofill
  • Modern Petrochemicals
  • Modern Denim
Mr H S Ranka Graduated from Rajasthan University in 1959.

Mr H S Ranka Achievements

  • Mr H S Ranka Received “Udyog Patra” award in 1978 at Indian Government
  • Mr H S Ranka also Received The Silver Shield of the Rajasthan Financial Corporation (RFC) in 1980 or his contribution towards the industrialism of Rajasthan.  

Sachin Ranka Chairman & MD, Modern Insulators Limited

Mr Sachin Ranka also Managing Director and Chairman of Modern Group and Manage one of Venture of Modern Terry Towels since October 1, 2004. Mr Sachin Ranka serves as the Chairman of the Board and MD of many Ventures like Modern Denim, Modern Insulators, Modern Threads(India) and Modern Syntax(India) Limited. 
Rajesh Ranka Chairman & MD of Modern Threads

Mr Rajesh Ranka is the One of also Chairman & Managing Director(MD) of Modern Group of Companies and Manage one of the ventures called as Modern Threads. He is the Youngest son of Mr H.S. Ranka, Founder of Modern Group.

As Very well Know Mr Rajesh Ranka Chairman & MD of Modern Threads is Highly qualified & Experienced in wool tops Marketing and since 30 Year.  

“Mr Rajesh Ranka is Only Focused on increasing the production as well as the product quality level, which is already accepted By our Precious Clients, all over the world and Happy with our Product. “
Kamal Ranka Chairman & MD of Modern Syntex

Mr Kamal Ranka is one of also chairman, Promoter and Managing Director of Modern of Companies and Manage one of the Ventures called as Modern Syntex (India) Ltd (Textiles & Leather Goods)  

Mr Kamal Ranka, Chairman & MD of Modern syntax is highly Experienced & Qualified in Leather & Textile Goods last 20 Years. And manage Very Professionally Manner.